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Mike Ghouse on Steve Malzberg Radio Show

Tuesday, November 20,

Video: Katie Pavlich & Mike Ghouse on Sean Hannity  

I was really surprised with Steve Malzberg, he was taking the position that I am his enemy and I had to correct him twice, that we are on the same side; finding solutions to the issue. 

He was honest in summarizing my take - that even if Hamas is a terrorist organization, the goal is to stop the shelling of rockets into Israel, then we have two choices - flatten Gaza or talk with them. 

He repeatedly mentioned that I was a Muslim, as if to set up his audience against me, so I corrected him, I am an American first, that would be my identity, if I were to visit Martians, which he reiterated.

Of course it is his show, and he was going on about things.

He did allow me to summarize thus;

The long term security of Israelis hinge on justice to the Palestinians, and peace to the Palestinians depends on the safety of Israelis. One will not happen without the other. In view of accomplishing the twin goal, both parties have failed the respective populations.

Security may be broadly defined as living without fear and apprehension, the state of security exists when the Israelis can go about shopping in the malls without caution, drop their guard when their children and family members ride a bus, and when they visit the pyramids, they can do so without second thoughts.

Justice to the Palestinians exists when they can live without worries of getting kicked out of their own homes, when have their own identity in the world as people of Palestine, have their own passport without the apartheidic restrictions, rights to the land they can call their own, and move about freely without check posts or the walls.

Both are Victims

I do not go on Hannity or any show with a mind set of we are on the opposite ends, I go there with an attitude of finding solutions


My notes from earlier 

I must have opened the Pandora's box by asserting Hamas' right to exist, and throwing back in Katy's face if she wanted to holocaust and genocide the people of Palestine? This I believe is my 55th appearance on Hannity in the last three years. He actually gave me room to say more, but I held back. I have enclosed a damning article below - to be published at Huffington post in a few days. I like to hear your comments.

1. Most of the Muslims have written positively about my take on killing the Hamas leader. The right wing Muslims will have an opposite view of that.

2. Several emails- appreciating as well as calling me a liar, Islamists, and other ugly names .. on the Ground Zero Mosque shows, I had received 321,000 emails... .
3. Hamas Charter is an ugly document, but does not call for destruction of Israel, I challenged it and questioned Hannity, if he has read that. That sent many Israelis scrambling for reading the charter and no one has come up with the fact, except a line that calls for Jihad against Israel. Please check it out and let me know if you find anything like that.

4. Hamas needs to be recognized... they are elected reps of the people. However, I do condemn their acts of terrorism and have always done that. They should not use the name of Islam for their ugly acts. I have advocated their inclusion from the Annapolis conference in 2006. More at
5. I am committed to building cohesive societies, where all humans are valued for who they are, and IshaAllah, I have a strong record of standing up for every human -
Emad Salem Responds:
The answer to all questions is : End the occupation. 1.7 million Palestinians are in a huge prison in Gaza. If Israel wants missiles to stop, it needs to lift the siege off Gaza. The Israeli warships are stationed in the Mediterranean sea and would not let anything or anyone leave or come in to Gaza. The northern and eastern border is with Israel. only the southern border is the Egypt and the Rafah crossing is closed most of the time. So Gazans want to be free but the whole world is not doing nothing about it.

About Hamas document, I read it years ago, it does NOT call for the destruction of Israel, It calls for the liberation of Palestine.

The Israelis should have learned a lesson a long time ago. Either they have peace with their neighbors or they will not ever have a peace of mind. Any country could lunch missiles at Israel, like Saddam Hussein did in 1991 and Hizballah did on many occasions, and who knows who will be next. The Israeli leadership needs to mature and be brave and accept the Palestinians as equal and neighbors.

The Palestinians are about 8 million people, in Palestine and in the diaspora. They will not disappear like Israel wishes. They are determined to continue their struggle until they achieve their goals of an independent Palestinian state in the West bank and Gaza with its capital in Jerusalem.

Someones terrorist is someone Else's freedom fighter. Hamas needs to be recognized. it won the elections fair and square and formed a government. Hamas still (until now) holds the majority in the elected "Palestinian legislative council " .

You negotiate peace with your enemy not your friend. The Middle East has changed a lot in the last 2 years, since the Arab Spring, and Arab governments have constituencies they have to answer to. The extreme majority of the Arab People support Palestinians and establishing a Palestinian state. I will not be surprised if the Palestinian issue becomes a make or brake for many governments in the Middle East. I expect the Obama administration to be very involved in solving Palestinian/Israeli conflict in the next few years.

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